10 Facts About Me

It’s time – for the post all about me, the girl behind the blog. I figured I should make this but was going back and forth about if I should post it or not; if you’re reading this then I have made the choice of posting it – Enjoy! I’m also thinking in 6 months or a year, I will write another one and make it twenty.  

  • I’m left-handed but there are certain things I can do only with my right.
  • I’ve not had a dog and as of right now, I have 3 beautiful Weimaraner (bonus)?!
  • I say sorry a lot, despite this I never say it without meaning it.
  • I love collecting pens, I have since I was a little girl!
  • I scar very easily; I have so many -I’ve lost count.
  • Before I even started school, I’d have to go and get speech therapy; although I am much, much better…there are words I still have difficulty with and when it comes to foreign languages well…it just makes it even more of a challenge but that’s okay!
  • I’ve never liked an artist’s FULL album. 
  • Other than a dog, my favorite animal is a bunny – I’m obsessed! 
  • I’m a revert of Islam. 
  • I LOVE reading! I’ve been reading before I could actually read.

What’s one interesting fact about you?

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