July Favorites + Recap

This is my first ‘favorites’ post and I’m not really sure how to start this which as been putting me off of writing this but at the same time I really wanted to share what I’ve been loving and that’s what made me hit the publish button.

The Favorites

July’s Playlist |

Humph! – Pentagon

Give Me More – VAV

Somebody You Loved – Lewis Capaldi (Warning: may bring tears)

K-Dramas, C-Dramas, and Movies |

Go Go Squid |

I thought the title of this drama was a little weird but cute but it bugged me as it didn’t really give off what the drama was about – if that makes sense? But moving on, this is a Chinese drama that is about Han Shang Yan, one of the world’s top professional gamers until he retired and is now a coach/CEO of his own team; he’s cold, blunt and doesn’t get close to anyone, especially woman.

This all changes when he meets Tong Nian, a 19-year-old IT programming student who is famous online for her singing. Can she capture this cold-hearted gamers heart?

Hotel Del Luna |

Deep in the heart of Seoul is a hotel only certain people can see and enter – Hotel Del Luna. Run by Jang Man Wol, a greedy and suspicious soul whose’s been the CEO of Del Luna for over a thousand years.

Deep in the heart of Seoul is a hotel only certain people can see and enter – Hotel Del Luna. Run by Jang Man Wol (as punishment), a greedy and suspicious soul for over a thousand of years. Her only chance of being released and being sent to the afterlife is possibly with the help of Goo Chan Sung, who is forced to manage the hotel as a punishment from when his father made a deal with Man Wol years ago.

iPhone 8 Plus |

I recently had to get a new phone and honestly, I love it (obvi). The camera quality is amazing, the graphics over all are amazing and aaaa, I am enjoying it so much!


July had a lot of up and downs if I’m to be honest…more downs than ups. That’s alright though, I am reflecting and making changes so that hopefully in the near future I can fix the downs. For this recap, I’ll be summarizing in bullet points:

  • I got my new phone; yaaaas bish!
  • I had to take Harley (my fur-baby) back to the vet; she previously had surgery a month prior and her scar started looking hecka gross! Turns out she was allergic to the dissolvable stitches and a lot of them didn’t dissolve.
  • Had a lot of break downs but also a lot of thinking and reflection.

What was a huge highlight of your July?

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Series | July Goals

I wanted to get this post out a lot sooner than it actually was published but due to my blog getting hacked while I was setting it up, everything was set back. Next month’s post will also have a monthly review before the goals!


Get a custom logo for the blog | I have an idea in mind but I’m so scared of ordering, hoping I can get the courage to order very soon.

Hit 200 followers on Twitter | Right now I have 123 so I think 200 is a pretty realistic goal to start out with.

Publish 5 blog posts.

Start using Pinterest | I’m still setting things up with my blog and learning and the one thing I’ve learned is that Pinterest can help a lot so I really want to set it up and start using it!


Get back into working out again | I was doing pretty good with working out but I’ve sorta gotten sidetracked; I want to start working out again and stick with it!

Work on C project | There is a project -that I wish to keep the details a secret- on and right now I’m only in the researching stage; I hope to branch out and move onto the next step by the end of July.

Put at least $40 into two of my savings accounts | My income is very, very limited but I have a few important things that I’m saving up for so I try to put whatever I can into them; I hope I can put $40 into at least 2 of them!

Get my computer fixed | About two weeks ago, my computer stopped allowing my headphones and keyboard to not work (drivers won’t download) and I also found out the Windows update won’t update either so, I have to send my computer out to the company for them to try and fix.

What are some goals you hope to accomplish this month?

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